The Top Six Cloud-Based Solutions for Managed Services Providers

In the cloud computing era, it’s clear that managed services providers (MSPs) hold an important position in helping customers move away from on-premises environments. Many organizations have migrated to the cloud without assistance—and often, they’ve found that the move was much more challenging than they anticipated. In fact, according to recent research released by Unisys, one in three cloud migrations fail due to companies not adopting the cloud as a core part of their business and IT strategies.

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Best Tools to Monitor Django Performance


Based on Model-View architecture, Django offers the convenience of developing, releasing, and consistently maintaining the applications. Django is a Python-based web framework capable of running on most server operating systems. It prioritizes rapid development and supports various web content formats, such as HTML and XML. Monitoring a Django web application is critical for developers to speed up the development lifecycle and accommodate code audits at an accelerated rate. The right Django monitoring tool automates application performance monitoring, streamlines metrics traction, visualizes application bottlenecks, and accelerates troubleshooting. Besides, effective Django monitoring helps developers understand the application performance issues related to web server overload, databases, or network bandwidth, and expedite resolution.

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Redis Monitoring: Best Tools To Use In 2022

Remote Dictionary Server (Redis) is a widely used NoSQL database systems. It’s an open-source in-memory data store known for its high processing speed and performance. It allows quick information delivery and supports several data structures, including strings, lists, hashes, sets, sorted sets, bitmaps, streams, and more. Redis is multi-faceted and supports an array of use…

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NGINX Access Logs Analyzer Tools

Logging can be of high importance when it comes to NGINX. Whether you use it as a main web server, a static content server, a reverse proxy, or a load balancer, you need to analyze your logs to understand if your NGINX performs well. There are a few options when it comes to log analyzer…

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How Free APM Tools Can Help You With Testing and Troubleshooting

APM (application performance management) services are essential tools in every developer’s/SRE’s toolbox, together with centralized logging services. APM tools provide visibility into the application’s code and performance, and they allow easy, quick testing and debugging. This post explains how free APM tools can help you with testing and troubleshooting your application. Prehistory: The Naive Approach…

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Heroku Log Management: Best Add-Ons for 2022

Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) product for developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud. Heroku, among other PaaS services, is important for both the Development and DevOps teams because of the developer experience (DX) it offers. Specifically, Heroku tries to bring an app-centric approach to software delivery, so…

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Top Apache Log Analyzer Tools (Free and Paid)

Logs are messy. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. But they can be very helpful for understanding what’s happening in your system. To get from “can be helpful” to “they are helpful,” you need to know how to use logs. Logs are raw records of events happening in your system. These records tell you who…

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Top Software for Infrastructure Health Monitoring

Updated: 9/26/2022 1:29 PM Businesses need systems to monitor IT infrastructure to ensure the launch and subsequent operation of their network systems and services. However, monitoring various parts of your IT infrastructure can be a real headache if you don’t choose the right solution. Regardless of the size of the infrastructure you manage, be it…

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Best Tools for Azure Monitoring and Performance Testing

When hosting infrastructure using Microsoft Azure, it’s important to understand what tools can help. Especially if unforeseen issues start to arise, it’s key to have the ability to quickly diagnose issues with concrete data to find a solution. Without this in place, you may find yourself in a situation where you’re running into hard-to-diagnose problems,…

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Web App Analytics With APM: Top Insights to Analyze

The term web app analytics means keeping tabs on the various metrics that determine the well-being of a system. These analytics help you gain insight into why and how a system slows down. As much as we hate for it to happen, some downtime is almost guaranteed. However, the amount of downtime your system faces…

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