5 Help Desk Software Solutions for E-Commerce

on March 22, 2021

Fast, smooth, and personalized customer service is a requirement for online businesses to grow and deliver a superior customer experience. Retailers must excel in all aspects of e-commerce support services to assist customers throughout the buying cycle while building great relationships with them. It’s imperative to transform the e-commerce help desk to improve customer support services, boost sales, and increase retention.

What Is an E-Commerce Help Desk?

While shopping online, customers may have queries about products, shipping charges, exchange, return or refund policies, and more. It becomes critical for retailers to provide help to ensure customers complete their purchases. Managing online customers comes with a set of specific challenges, including massive volumes of customer requests, repetitive questions, multiple communication channels, and quick turnaround time expectations. To resolve such challenges, companies seek dynamic and intelligent e-commerce help desk software.

E-commerce help desk software helps businesses automate customer service operations while centrally managing customer information and interaction history to quickly and effectively answer queries. With features such as live chat, self-service, integrations, performance monitoring, and real-time SLA management, a smart e-commerce help desk software helps enterprises make support easier.

Key E-Commerce Help Desk Features

A robust e-commerce help desk offers a comprehensive set of features to suit online shoppers’ demands and streamline support. Let’s look at the key features of e-commerce help desk software.

Omnichannel Support: Customers use multiple channels to reach out to businesses, and effective help desk software must ensure consistent support across every channel.

Automated Operations: It’s important for an e-commerce help desk to ensure quick turnaround time. Automating processes, workflows, and alerts and notifications saves time and provides a faster resolution.

Intuitive Interface: End users demand simplification, and an e-commerce help desk with an intuitive interface is the first step to ensure smooth navigation and faster adoption without any added training.

Self-Service: Smart help desk software solutions offer self-service options to help customers find answers to routine and repetitive queries directly without raising any support ticket. It helps save the support team’s time and increases their productivity.

Performance Monitoring Reporting: Support needs a help desk software that allows real-time monitoring to drive improvement. Detailed reports facilitate quick root cause analysis.

Top E-Commerce Help Desk Software Solutions

SolarWinds Web Help Desk

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SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® is a widely used help desk software solutions designed to help e-commerce companies streamline their help desk operations while simplifying support teams’ work and optimizing the bottom line. SolarWinds Web Help Desk automates ticket management, including assignment, routing, and escalation, to enhance customer satisfaction. It also helps support teams design intelligent workflows to free them from daily repetitive tasks and focus on critical tickets and tasks. Its intuitive interface is simple to use without formal training and allows online businesses to manage everything from a single unified screen. Furthermore, Web Help desk supports the self-service option and provides an integrated knowledge base to empower customers to resolve their queries directly whenever possible. It’s built to ensure continuous monitoring and real-time reporting to measure customer satisfaction and employee productivity and proactively take necessary corrective actions.


© Kayako 2021 – A Help Desk Software Platform

Kayako helps e-commerce platforms manage multiple support channels over a single, centralized, and easy-to-use screen. With live chat functionality, Kayako focuses on supporting customers in real-time while ensuring proactive engagement to make the most of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. It also promotes self-service to reduce support team workloads by deflecting new tickets to an easy-to-search knowledge base. With its dashboards and drill-down reports, Kayako helps businesses quickly visualize the support team’s workload and performance and analyze key metrics to identify improvement areas.


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Freshdesk help desk software consolidates customer support queries into a single inbox and automates ticket management to help ensure a timely response. Its Team Huddle feature allows seamless collaboration across teams to gain better context while resolving tickets. Its dashboards and reports help support teams track performance metrics and get insights in real time without navigating bulk data. Freshdesk also provides an integrated knowledge base to encourage self-service, minimize the support team’s workload, and increase customer satisfaction.


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HappyFox help desk lets e-commerce companies categorize, prioritize, and respond to huge volumes of customer requests quickly and seamlessly across multiple channels. Powerful ticket management capabilities allow support teams to track tickets throughout their lifecycle and improve resolution rates effortlessly. It also lets support teams automate workflows, responses, and alerts to help ensure hassle-free retail operations. HappyFox also provides a comprehensive knowledge base to help customers answer their questions and minimize the support team’s burden. Organizations leverage HappyFox reporting and analytics functionalities to track service level agreements and other key metrics to stay on top of customer-related requests.


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Zoho helps e-commerce companies align disparate channels, such as phone, email, live chat, or social media, on a single interface to simplify ticket management and empower support agents to respond quickly. Smart automation further allows ticket routing based on business rules and eliminating manual interference in routine or repetitive tasks. With more time at hand, the support team can focus on highly critical issues. Zoho helps end users find answers to their frequent queries right away without reaching out to the customer service team with an integrated knowledge base. Zoho dashboards give a complete overview of tickets, service agents’ activities, and performance metrics to help managers make better decisions.


As e-commerce businesses strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences, it’s essential to choose an easy-to-use, smart, and affordable help desk software solution. Selecting the right e-commerce help desk lets the customer service team handle large volumes of requests, manage operations, track status, and streamline workflows with ease. SolarWinds Web Help Desk is a popular e-commerce help desk software focused on streamlining tasks, improving service delivery, and optimizing costs. It provides a single unified screen to manage activities and allows customer support teams to create business rules; automate workflows, responses, and alerts; and closely monitor key metrics to help ensure nothing falls through the cracks. If you plan on taking your e-commerce customer support services to the next level and deliver smooth customer service, start a 14-day free trial of SolarWinds Web Help Desk to get hands-on experience.

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