Heroku Log Management: Best Add-Ons in 2020

Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) product for developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud. Heroku, among other PaaS services, is important for both the Development and DevOps teams because of the developer experience (DX) it offers. Specifically, Heroku tries to bring an app-centric approach to software delivery, so…

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Top Apache Log Analyzer Tools (Free and Paid)

Logs are messy. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. But they can be very helpful for understanding what’s happening in your system. To get from “can be helpful” to “they are helpful,” you need to know how to use logs. Logs are raw records of events happening in your system. These records tell you who…

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Top Software for Infrastructure Health Monitoring

Businesses need systems to monitor IT infrastructure to ensure the launch and subsequent operation of their network systems and services. However, monitoring various parts of your IT infrastructure can be a real headache if you don’t choose the right solution. Regardless of the size of the infrastructure you manage, be it small or enterprise-wide, you…

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Best Tools for Azure Monitoring and Performance Testing

When hosting infrastructure using Microsoft Azure, it’s important to understand what tools can help. Especially if unforeseen issues start to arise, it’s key to have the ability to quickly diagnose issues with concrete data to find a solution. Without this in place, you may find yourself in a situation where you’re running into hard-to-diagnose problems,…

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Web App Analytics With APM: Top Insights to Analyze

The term web app analytics means keeping tabs on the various metrics that determine the well-being of a system. These analytics help you gain insight into why and how a system slows down. As much as we hate for it to happen, some downtime is almost guaranteed. However, the amount of downtime your system faces…

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IIS Log Analysis – Best Tools and Practices

When you host applications on Microsoft web server technology Internet Information Services (IIS), your system administrators must carry out the ongoing task of IIS log analysis. This means they monitor the variables indicating whether IIS-hosted applications are running at optimal performance. You can also use IIS logs to check the security and integrity of said…

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React Logging and Error Handling Best Practices

Logging is essential for understanding what’s happening within your running code. Furthermore, you can use log data to track various metrics such as HTTP error rates, failed login attempts, and overall application availability. That’s not all, though. Log aggregation platforms allow for log analysis and the creation of advanced alerting mechanisms to detect anomalies. For…

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Best Practices and Tips for Django Logging

Django is a high-level web framework based on Python, and it encourages the rapid development of secure, scalable, and maintainable websites. It simplifies the creation of database-driven websites by emphasizing the reusability of components, low coupling, rapid development, and less code. Furthermore, it’s free and open-source. The Python logging module is responsible for performing system…

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Best Solutions to Get Website Down Alerts on Time

In the hyper-competitive business landscape, the last thing any business wants is a poorly performing business website. Website downtime can lead to financial and reputational losses. It’s critical for webmasters and business decision-makers to be on top of their website availability and performance issues to ensure they deliver the best customer experience, with timely maintenance…

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Top 6 Tools to Get Website Load Time Statistics


In theory, the internet provides a level playing field to businesses of all sizes and domains. However, getting the top search engine rankings isn’t easy for any business. It requires continuous improvements in website performance, user experience, and investment of time and effort in various search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. A slow running website or pages with broken elements can jeopardize these efforts. Businesses need website speed testing tools to understand how quickly their webpages are loading, detect bottlenecks or page speed improvement areas, and resolve issues based on website load time statistics. In this article, we list some top tools to get website load time statistics with a brief description of the features and advantages of each tool.

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