Top 5 Incident Management Software

By Tek-Tools on August 27, 2020

No matter how good an organization is at predicting events and managing their IT environment, IT systems, services, and applications find a way to get in trouble. It’s difficult to manage IT events manually over emails and phone calls, so IT departments need to have a strategic plan and an incident management solution in place.

What Is Incident Management?

Incident management is a crucial component of ITIL support service and is a best practice used by organizations to bring their business operational services back to normal after an incident. It includes activities such as detection and escalation to ensure timely resolution of errors. Incident management solutions provide greater visibility and complete control over the IT infrastructure. They enable teams to address events quickly, manage IT operations better, and work towards their resolution by decreasing downtime and the likelihood of crashes. Moreover, modern IT incident management solutions offer monitoring and alerting capabilities, communication tools, extensive reporting, and analytical features along with high-level workflow automation to ensure errors are responded to properly and quickly.

Let’s look at five incident management software designed to help discover incidents quickly and manage the entire life cycle effectively.

Web Help Desk

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SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® is a comprehensive on-premises help desk software solution. Its incident tracking feature includes focused incident management policies, so the tool can discover incidents, assist with response planning, and keep the organization’s inventory up to date. It allows users to set up a parent-child relationship between incidents and support tickets. This linking helps automatically resolve multiple events of a similar sort as soon as the linked problem ticket is resolved and closed.

It also helps simplify the entire event lifecycle by keeping information in one centralized location. This makes it easier for teams to monitor, assign, and escalate the problems quickly. Some key features of SolarWinds Web Help Desk are:

  • Simplification of service requests
  • Problem management
  • Centralized web-based interface
  • Faster incident resolution
  • Notification and alerting feature
  • Intuitive dashboards to understand issues and their status

With its easy installation, automation, and reporting capabilities, the tool enables users to centralize, optimize, and manage the problems faster and better. Moreover, the tool offers automated asset management, change management, and device discovery features, so organizations can easily manage their ticketing and help desk processes. Web Help Desk offers a free trial version with all features fully functional for 14 days.

Service Desk

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SolarWinds Service Desk is another IT service management tool by SolarWinds, which is available as a SaaS offering and is ITIL Pink Verify Certified. It brings together incident tickets submitted via phone calls, email, SMS, service portal, and chat to a centralized location for faster resolution. Its advanced management capabilities help streamline IT operations, address identified issues, and investigate reported problems. It also automates various incident management tasks and routes tickets to the right people. In addition, the alerting and reporting features instantly notify relevant teams about the events and their progress. Organizations can use the 30-day free trial version of the full ITIL suite (incident, problem, change, release) paired with customizable automation.


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Zendesk Support is an ITSM/ITIL help desk solution designed to minimize the impact of incidents. It provides various ITIL features such as knowledge base and incident resolution to support front-line customer service. With its incident tracking and management capability, it can restore the services of affected business operations quickly. It also offers a wide range of ITIL service functions to detect, classify, investigate, and resolve events as soon as possible. The tool automates logging of incidents and service requests and maintains the information at a centralized location for faster resolution. Zendesk ITIL service desk software manages and resolves incidents and provides a framework for full IT service management required to process end-user requests related to assets, configurations, and troubleshooting. Zendesk offers a free trial along with a demo to help understand how it fulfills your IT service management needs.


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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a service management solution with an ITIL-ready framework. The tool helps reduce outages by following the ITIL process of managing the complete lifecycle of IT incidents. With smart automation, it automatically assigns incident tickets to the right expert to track and resolve problems instantly. It helps reduce the recurrence of issues and ensure timely resolutions of events by defining multi-level proactive response and escalation paths. End users get greater visibility of incident progress and status using automated notifications. Organizations can get a free personalized live demo of the tool to understand how it automates workflows and provides hassle-free communications and high end-user satisfaction.

Jira Service Desk

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Jira Service Desk is an intuitive, flexible, and collaborative ITIL-certified ITSM solution. It provides built-in and custom automation rules to discover, assign, respond, and close incidents. With its transparent communication process and status page integrations, the tool provides complete visibility into incident response activities. Additionally, it tracks and records the information about problems and workarounds to help agents get to the root cause. It can also link problem tickets with the incident tickets to identify recurring issues. The elaborated reports provide metrics about events regularly to help teams take proactive measures. Jira Service Desk offers a freemium plan with several ITIL/ITSM management capabilities.


Having the right incident management tool in place helps organizations minimize the impact of disruptions. The tools highlighted above are some top incident management tools with robust features and functionalities. However, when it comes to a quick resolution of incidents, we find SolarWinds Web Help Desk and Service Desk more effective. They provide additional capabilities such as asset management, change management, and ticket management, which significantly simplify end-to-end service management following the best practices. Both these tools are highly efficient in drilling down to the root cause of an incident and gathering information about IT assets.

Moreover, they can easily be integrated with other tools under the SolarWinds umbrella to give in-depth reporting on recurring issues. The FIPS 140-2 compatibility in Web Help Desk helps make the solution safe and can help an organization demonstrate compliance. Organizations can evaluate their effectiveness, performance, and degree of automation using the fully functional free trial versions.

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