Top 6 Best IT Asset Management Software for Enterprises

on February 14, 2020

Are you tracking your IT (virtual components, hardware and software systems, network assets) and non-IT assets of your company? Are you aware of their current status and maintenance costs? Without an enterprise-grade IT asset management software in place, it becomes difficult to manage and maintain a complete inventory of resources (assets) in one place.

IT asset management (ITAM) is a critical business practice for streamlining inventory, license, and lifecycle management within your IT infrastructure. ITAM is also known as a subset or subcategory of IT service management (ITSM). A well-implemented ITAM strategy gives in-depth visibility into every asset inside of the environment. It not only helps in dynamic asset discovery from various sources but also helps:

  • Eliminate extra maintenance costs
  • Optimize software license utilization
  • Cut down unused or obsolete assets that have become liabilities
  • Mitigate security risks associated with existing resources, be compliant, and audit-ready
  • Make effective, informed decisions about new IT purchases and resell
  • Improve the efficiency of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) processes

Modern IT asset management software consolidates all the underlying IT elements in one place and helps take complete control over the infrastructure.

Top 6 BEST IT Asset Management Software

Selecting the right ITAM software or solution for your enterprise is the first essential step before investing in the practice. Let’s review and compare the top ITAM software to make the right choice.

  1. ManageEngine AssetExplorer
  2. SolarWinds Service Desk
  3. Spiceworks IT Asset Management
  4. ServiceNow Asset Management
  5. IBM Maximo Asset Management
  6. SolarWinds Web Help Desk

1. ManageEngine AssetExplorer

manageengine assetexplorer admin panel

ManageEngine AssetExplorer, a web-based software for IT asset management, enables you to track and control enterprise-owned assets right from the planning phase to the delivery, deployment, or disposal phase throughout the IT asset lifecycle. It also provides asset discovery capability within your network and helps monitor the status of purchase orders, contract renewal cycles, and license compliance. This helps filter out redundancies in your inventory, thus saving significant business dollars. The software regularly scans for updates or changes in the information to keep the IT teams on track.

However, before implementing ManageEngine AssetExplorer, keep in mind this software was built for large enterprises and may not be worth investing in for small-sized companies. Learn more about the product here.

2. SolarWinds Service Desk

solarwinds service desk showing active incidents

SolarWinds® Service Desk, formerly known as Samanage (now acquired by SolarWinds), is a comprehensive web-based system for consistent discovery and management of your IT assets, including physical servers, mobile devices, computers, laptops, network-connected devices, and other technology assets. Its detailed inventory gathering enables you to track your assets, capture asset data, and efficiently manage them at one location. In-depth visibility into your complete asset lifecycle gives you the power to analyze and identify the areas where you can cut down unnecessary expenses, reduce overall business costs, and maximize ROI.

Service Desk also helps ensure the infrastructure is compliant with regulatory standards and software licenses as it allows you to automate risk detection and policy deviations. The software notifies you to potential risks and recommends necessary actions to keep assets safe.

With a detailed and insightful dashboard, you can easily monitor active contracts and licenses aligned to the assets against inactive licenses. The ITAM software provides vendor management capability and allows contacting all your service providers (hardware and software), thereby eliminating the tedious task of tracking them down with emails and manual invoicing. Management of asset warranties and renewal cycles to ensure your workforce is never short of the required hardware and software becomes a breeze with SolarWinds Service Desk.

If you’re looking for an advanced helpdesk, ticketing, and asset management solution, this is your go-to software. Find out more about the software by visiting here.

3. Spiceworks IT Asset Management

spiceworks asset management inventory showing all devices

Spiceworks IT asset management software is an inventory management solution easily integrated with existing help desk, network monitoring, or other ITSM systems. It automatically discovers, captures, and categorizes any asset within your IT environment and provides and detailed information associated with it. From monitors, desktops, routers, network printers to switches, the software creates an extensive inventory of all. Also, it helps you keep tight control on contracts and licenses, removes unwanted software from the inventory, and helps ensure all your licenses stay in compliance (for clearing audits).

This platform also offers integrated reporting capability, so you can generate customized reports on any IT asset information gathered by the software. It saves you the manual efforts of creating complex pivot tables and allows you to convert collected data into a templatized report that makes sense to your stakeholders and auditors.

However, one of the significant consequences of this ITAM software is its non-intuitive user interface. Visit the webpage to learn more about Spiceworks IT asset management.

4. ServiceNow Asset Management

servicenow asset management dashboard

ServiceNow Asset Management is a unified platform to facilitate IT asset optimization and automation of intuitive IT workflows. With increased visibility into asset lifecycle and software license information, you can not only track lifecycle costs and asset utilization, but also discover the possibilities of reducing overall spend, minimizing security risks, and making the most of your IT assets.

Learn more about the product here.

5. IBM Maximo Asset Management

ibm maximo showing work order details

IBM Maximo Asset Management is known for managing asset lifecycle, asset operations, and business processes. The software gives granular and real-time insights into your company assets, including their current status and business activities associated with them. Its highly customizable functionality allows you to easily integrate it with existing or external applications to access inter-application data and track assets. It helps your IT teams design and deploy workflows to automate business and asset management processes.

The centralized platform not only provides analytical information on asset inventory, but also allows you to manage and control user access across your systems, applications, sites, and more. You can also manage regulatory compliance through the Migration Manager module.

6.   SolarWinds Web Help Desk

solarwinds web help desk showing basic asset searches

Apart from the above software we discussed, there’s another affordable ticketing and asset management software—Web Help Desk® from SolarWinds. The software stands out for its 360-degree visibility into assets, automated ticketing, centralized knowledge base, robust monitoring and reporting, and asset inventory maintenance. Explore more about Web Help Desk here.

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